Make fantastic homemade bread for only 99 cents!

Get Baking at The Green Store! Potato Bread Mix! Sweet Dairy Whey! Mangoes 3 for $4! Spartan Apples $4.79/ bag!

Bake at Home    

Potato Bread Mix


99¢ each

List price: $3.79


Can be made by hand or with a machine. This bread will make your home smell divine. The starch from the potato will keep this bread moist much longer than traditional bread. Also perfect for pizza dough and rolls. 


Sweet Dairy Whey


$3.49 each

List price: $6.99

No Artificial Ingredients and Non-GMO!

 A bi-product of cheese making, you can use this to replace some sugar in baking. It also softens baked goods and gives them a slight sweet flavour. 
Great for adding to smoothies for extra protein and in baking with buttermilk!

Produce: Everyday Great Value


Atualfo Mangoes

3 for $4 or $1.49 each


Spartan Apples

$4.79/ 3lb bag


Gala Apples


$5.49/ 3lb bag



Navel Oranges


$2.49/ lb

Bulk Food Available Here!

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